Qingdao Keman Corporation Limited

Car Tyre, Car Radial Tyre, Cars Tyre manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Car Tyre, TBR Tire, Radial Truck Tire with USA Certificate (11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5, 285/75R24.5), Passenger Car Tire, PCR Tire with Europe Certificate and so on.

Car Tyre

FOB Price:US $12 - 35 / Piece
Min. Order (Pieces) FOB Price
100+ US $12-35 / Piece
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Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Production Capacity: 5000000/Year
Transport Package: According to Customers′ Demands
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

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Basic Info.

Model NO.:12inch,13inch,14inch,15inch,16inch,17inch,18inch
Tire Design:Radial Tyre
Tyres Width:165-195mm
Certification:ECE, DOT, ISO, CCC, CE
Tread Pattern:Highway Tread Pattern
Inner Tube:Without Inner Tube
Spare Tire Type:Full-size Spare Tire
HS Code:401110

Product Description

Car Tyre
Car Tyre
Car Tyre
Car Tyre, Car Radial Tyre, Passenger Cars Tyre,PCR Tyre
Passenger Car Tyre,tyre for car,car tyre,high quality tyre 
available size:
145/70R13 145/80R13 155/65R13 155/70R13 155/80R13 165/65R13 165/70R13 165/80R13 175/60R13 175/65R13 175/70R13 185/70R13 165/60R14 165/65R14 165/70R14 175/60R14 175/65R14 175/70R14 185/55R14 185/60R14 185/65R14 185/70R14 195/60R14 185/80R14 195/65R14 195/70R14 205/70R14 175/65R15 185/55R15 185/60R15 185/65R15 195/55R15 195/60R15 195/65R15 205/60R15 205/65R15 205/50R15 205/70R15 215/60R15 215/65R15 215/70R15 225/70R15 235/70R15 195/55R16 195/60R16 205/60R16 205/65R16 215/60R16 225/50R16 225/60R16 235/60R16
UHP tyre available size:
195/50R15 195/55R15 195/45R16 205/40R16 205/45R16 205/50R16 205/55R16 215/40R16 215/55R16 215/65R16 225/55R16 205/40R17 205/45R17 215/45R17 225/45R17 205/50R17 215/40R17 215/50R17 215/55R17 225/50R17 225/55R17 235/45R17 235/55R17 245/45R17 215/35R18 225/40R18 225/45R18 235/40R18 235/50R18 245/40R18 245/45R18 245/50R18 255/45R18 265/35R18 215/35R19 225/35R19 235/35R19 245/35R19 265/30R19 225/30R20 225/35R20 235/30R20 245/35R20 255/35R20 275/40R20 275/45R20 275/55R20 285/50R20  255/30R22 265/35R22 265/40R22 285/35R22 305/40R22 305/45R22 295/35R24 295/40R24 305/35R24 305/30R26 325/35R28 
Light truck tyre / SUV tyre available size:
P215/65R16 P215/75R15 P225/75R15 P235/75R15 P225/70R16 P235/70R16 P245/70R16 P215/80R16 P255/65R16 P255/70R16 P265/70R16 P215/85R16 P225/75R16 P245/75R16 P265/75R16 P235/85R16 P225/65R17 P235/65R17 P245/65R17 P265/70R17 LT215/75R15 LT225/75R15
LT235/75R15 30*9.50R15LT 31*10.5R15LT LT225/70R16 LT235/70R16 LT245/70R16 LT215/80R16 LT255/65R16 LT255/70R16 LT265/70R16 LT215/85R16 LT225/75R16 LT245/75R16 LT265/75R16 LT235/85R16 LT225/65R17 LT235/65R17 LT245/65R17 LT265/70R17 5.50R12LT 5.50R13LT 5.00R12LT 155R12LT 155R13LT 175R13LT 175/70R14LT 185R14C 195R14C 205/70R14 195/70R15C 195R15C 205/70R15C 225/70R15C 7.50R16C 185/75R16C 195/65R16C 215/75R16C 195/60R16C 195/75R16C 205/65R16C 215/65R16C 225/65R16C

Keman passenger car tyre,the biggest PCR tyre manufacturer from China,always keep the supper quality to win the market all the time,we use the best nature rubber,the most advance technology,the best worker to produce the best quality tyre.



145/70R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07195/50R15U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P215/65R16S03 S04 S07 S09
145/80R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07195/55R15U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P215/75R15S03 S04 S07 S09
155/65R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07195/45R16 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P225/75R15S03 S04 S07 S09
155/70R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/40R16U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P235/75R15S03 S04 S07 S09
155/80R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/45R16 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P225/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
165/65R13 P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/50R16U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P235/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
165/70R13 P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/55R16U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P245/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
165/80R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/40R16 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P215/80R16S03 S04 S07 S09
175/60R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/55R16U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P255/65R16S03 S04 S07 S09
175/65R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/65R16U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P255/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
175/70R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/55R16U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P265/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
185/70R13P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/40R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P215/85R16S03 S04 S07 S09
165/60R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/45R17 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P225/75R16S03 S04 S07 S09
165/65R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/45R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P245/75R16S03 S04 S07 S09
165/70R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/45R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P265/75R16S03 S04 S07 S09
175/60R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07205/50R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P235/85R16S03 S04 S07 S09
175/65R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/40R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P225/65R17S03 S04 S07 S09
175/70R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/50R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P235/65R17S03 S04 S07 S09
185/55R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/55R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P245/65R17S03 S04 S07 S09
185/60R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/50R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07P265/70R17S03 S04 S07 S09
185/65R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/55R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT215/75R15S03 S04 S07 S09
185/70R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07235/45R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT225/75R15S03 S04 S07 S09
195/60R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07235/55R17 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT235/75R15S03 S04 S07 S09
185/80R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07245/45R17U02 U04 U06 W02 W0730*9.50R15LTS03 S04 S07 S09
195/65R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/35R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W0731*10.5R15LTS03 S04 S07 S09
195/70R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/40R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT225/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
205/70R14P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/45R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT235/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
175/65R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07235/40R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT245/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
185/55R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07235/50R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT215/80R16S03 S04 S07 S09
185/60R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07245/40R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT255/65R16S03 S04 S07 S09
185/65R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07245/45R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT255/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
195/55R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07245/50R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT265/70R16S03 S04 S07 S09
195/60R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07255/45R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT215/85R16S03 S04 S07 S09
195/65R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07265/35R18U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT225/75R16S03 S04 S07 S09
205/60R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07215/35R19U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT245/75R16S03 S04 S07 S09
205/65R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/35R19 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT265/75R16S03 S04 S07 S09
205/50R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07235/35R19U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT235/85R16S03 S04 S07 S09
205/70R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07245/35R19U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT225/65R17S03 S04 S07 S09
215/60R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07265/30R19U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT235/65R17S03 S04 S07 S09
215/65R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/30R20U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT245/65R17S03 S04 S07 S09
215/70R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07225/35R20U02 U04 U06 W02 W07LT265/70R17S03 S04 S07 S09
225/70R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07235/30R20 U02 U04 U06 W02 W075.50R12LTS03 S04 S07 S09
235/70R15P04 P05 P06 W02 W07245/35R20U02 U04 U06 W02 W075.50R13LTS03 S04 S07 S09
195/55R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07255/35R20U02 U04 U06 W02 W075.00R12LTS03 S04 S07 S09
195/60R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07275/40R20 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07155R12LTS03 S04 S07 S09
205/60R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07275/45R20 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07155R13LTS03 S04 S07 S09
205/65R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07275/55R20 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07175R13LTS03 S04 S07 S09
215/60R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07285/50R20 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07175/70R14LTS03 S04 S07 S09
225/50R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07255/30R22U02 U04 U06 W02 W07185R14CS03 S04 S07 S09
225/60R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07265/35R22U02 U04 U06 W02 W07195R14CS03 S04 S07 S09
235/60R16P04 P05 P06 W02 W07265/40R22 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07205/70R14S03 S04 S07 S09

285/35R22 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07195/70R15CS03 S04 S07 S09

305/40R22U02 U04 U06 W02 W07195R15CS03 S04 S07 S09

305/45R22U02 U04 U06 W02 W07205/70R15CS03 S04 S07 S09

295/35R24U02 U04 U06 W02 W07225/70R15CS03 S04 S07 S09

295/40R24 U02 U04 U06 W02 W077.50R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

305/35R24U02 U04 U06 W02 W07185/75R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

305/30R26 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07195/65R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

325/35R28 U02 U04 U06 W02 W07215/75R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

195/60R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

195/75R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

205/65R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

215/65R16CS03 S04 S07 S09

225/65R16CS03 S04 S07 S09
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